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Personal Stories

Men Aged 40-49

Andrew describes an occasion when his friend Thomas revived him using the take-home naloxone kit Andrew always carried in his backpack.
Fraser describes an occasion when he was young and had just been released from jail.
Julian describes an event that took place over 20 years ago. Julian and his friend Duane were consuming heroin together at a friend’s house.
Lance describes an occasion when he revived Ben, a young man who often overdosed, by injecting him with take-home naloxone.
Lenny recounts a time where he came across a man who had overdosed in a Melbourne street. A group of people were present, but Lenny felt they were not responding to the emergency effectively.
Lewis describes an occasion when he overdosed in his parents’ bathroom after returning from a heavy drinking session at a pub.
Mark describes a night he spent at a party looking after his friend Nathan, who he was worried was overdosing.
Tony describes an occasion where he responded to an overdose at the house of a person who sells heroin.